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Want to trade in your vehicle? Use a car valet service to get your car clean, tidy and ready for sale. Had a big road trip and now your car is messy? Don't spend hours cleaning and vacuuming your car when you can use a car valet service to make it look like new again! If you are in Auckland here are just some of the reasons why you should choose Caprice Car Valet.

Cleanliness in the car goes beyond avoiding bad odours. It's also about the driver's health and safety. Foul odours aren't only unpleasant, but they can also be unhealthy at times. Aside from that, poor air quality in your vehicle-- where you can spend 1-3 hours a day- can cause spawn asthma attacks, as well as headaches. As you consider the time you spend in your vehicle, it becomes quite obvious why you should have it odour-free and cleaned. 

What We Offer

At Caprice Car Valet we offer car grooming in Auckland and we provide the most in depth and professional service in New Zealand. We specialise in applying paint protector, leather protector, and fabric protector. This will give you the assurance that your vehicle will continue to have its value for a number of years.

Not just that, we also provide ozone odour treatment, swirl free cut, removal of decals, and removal of paint overspray.

Benefits of Professional Car Valet

Letting a professional valet your car for you can highly be beneficial for both of you and your car. So, what makes going to a Caprice car valet better than washing your car at home?

The Use of Proper Tools and Products 

For those who have been in a professional car wash, you have probably seen the equipments being used. We, at Caprice car valet utilise only the top-of-the-line products to enhance the look of your vehicle.

Water Conservation

We are serious about water conservation. That's why we make it a point to recycle the water we use so that it will never go wasted. 

Detailed Washing

Truth be told, washing your car at home will give you the risk of missing the important places that need to be cleaned. For instance, you have probably forgotten to fully wash the tires or the car's roof and chances are you even didn't have time to clean the inside of the car. We'll do this for you, and we'll give you a guarantee that you'll get a detailed wash from top to bottom. 

Less Time Wasted 

No one would want to spend more than 30 minutes of their day cleaning their vehicle. Unfortunately, this happens a lot when you've chosen to clean your car at home. More often than not, we also become hesitant to clean our car, because we dread the time we'll end up spending just to clean it. This results in your car getting filthier than it already is. A professional car valet in Auckland from Caprice Car Valet will do a fantastic job of cleaning the interior and exterior of your car.

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